Upcoming vigils

People have held vigils in Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, and Happy Valley-Goose Bay to express their love and support of Delilah. There are no upcoming vigils at the moment, but you can express your support by organizing one in your area. Contact us to let us know of any event you are organizing in support of Delilah, and we will gladly list it here and help promote it.

Photos from the Happy Valley-Goose Bay vigil

Here are photos from December 16 vigil in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Delilah's home town.

Goose Bay Vigil 01.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 02.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 03.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 04.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 05.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 06.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 07.jpg
Goose Bay Vigil 08.jpg