How you can help

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Share the petition on your social media.
  3. Alert your network to the petition: for example, tag friends on Facebook, or message them individually to ask them to sign the petition, share it, and visit this site.
  4. Inform yourself about the politics of transplant policy and spread the
    word. We have gathered some information for you here.
  5. Call the Multi-Organ Transplant at UHN Toronto where Delilah is now: (416) 340-4800 ext. 6581. Tell them they must waive their discriminatory and punitive policy and do everything in their power to save her life.
  6. Fun fact: livers grow back after a partial donation. If you would be willing to donate a part of your liver specifically for Delilah, mention this in your call to UHN Toronto.
  7. Call the Trillium Gift of Life Network at (416) 363-4001 ext 2347; they handle organ donations from deceased donors, and they also enforce the same discriminatory and moralistic policy. Tell them they need to give everyone a chance at a life-saving transplant.
  8. Contact Eric Hoskins, the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Ask him to help Delilah and all other patients that the six-month sobriety policy leave in the same desperate situation. His email is
  9. If you can afford to do so, make a donation to help fund the legal and travel expenses of Delilah's family.
  10. Attend one of the upcoming vigils or organize one in your area.

Finally, you can write Delilah and her family your words of lover, support, and encouragement. They need all the love they can get in this terrible time.