Everyone deserves a liver transplant

Delilah Saunders has acute liver failure and requires a liver transplant.  However, policy in Ontario is denying her access to the transplant wait list due to a history of alcohol use. In fact, healthcare professionals have indicated to friends and family that even personal live donors (who donate a portion of their own liver) will not be permitted even if a match is found, based on their discriminatory policy of disqualification.

Delilah is a social advocate for Indigenous issues of concern and has dedicated her young life to bettering that of others. At 26 years old, she has already spoken across the country for Missing and Murdered indigenous Women and Girls, wrote for Teen Vogue, accepted Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience award, written a Libretto. Delilah is a vocal protector of land and water through her resistance to the Muskrat Falls Project in her home of Labrador, and other invasive and damaging extraction project.

On Delilah's behalf, we are requesting this punitive, biased policy be set aside in order for Delilah to have access to the medical care required to save her life. Delilah has touched many lives in her roles as advocate, educator, and friend. In light of her service to the greater good, we are now offered the opportunity to provide assistance to someone who has given so much.We are aware that exceptions to these policies have been made in the past. Therefore, we're requesting people to petition Liver Transplant centres in Toronto, London and Montreal to perform this life-saving surgery.

We are therefore demanding that Delilah Saunders be accepted as a liver transplant candidate and that : the Trillium Gift of Life Network; the Multi-Organ Transplant at UHN Toronto; the London Health Sciences Centre's Multi-Organ Transplant Program; and other potential Canadian liver transplant programs waive their discriminatory and punitive policy of enforcing six months of sobriety for patients suffering from a Substance Use Disorder. We also ask the Ottawa General Hospital to recommend her as a valid liver transplant candidate. We are making this demand given that :

  • Delilah's life is valuable;

  • she will die in the coming days without a liver transplant due to acute liver failure caused by acetaminophen (known as Tylenol) toxicity in conjunction with past alcohol consumption;

  • she had received treatment in the past year for her Substance Use Disorder and that she was on the waiting list for further treatment;

  • her community cherishes her as a young person of 26 years of age and for her activism and advocacy for Indigenous women and the protection of land and water;

  • she has a right to life and security, and to not be discriminated against based on her physical and mental health condition;

  • she is Inuit and an Indigenous person, and that the Trillium Gift of Life Network policy is systemic discrimination based on ethnic origin given that it affects Indigenous people disproportionately, considering many suffer from Substance Use Disorder as a consequence of intergenerational trauma inflicted by residential schools, for which the Government of Canada has apologized;

  • and that the policy has no basis in medical science.

Waive this discriminatory policy and allow Delilah her chance to survive!

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