Delilah has been extremely fortunate. When she was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of last week, the prognosis for her liver's condition gave her minimal chances of survival; especially without a transplant. A week later, her condition had improved significantly and her odds of survival looked much better. She is now contemplating a discharge from the hospital in the coming days, although the road for recovery will be much longer ahead. There are many, however, who have ended up in a similar situation and have been far less fortunate. Many people have reached out to us with such stories throughout the campaign, of loved ones who were denied a transplant due to their Substance Use Disorder. Some of these people made miraculous recoveries. Many didn't.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Delilah and her family by signing the petition, donating to the fundraising campaign, and sharing important campaign news. As indicated, funds will cover the fees for Delilah's lawyer, who has been instrumental in advocating for the best care for Delilah and in ensuring her rights as a patient were respected. They will also cover the family members' travel expenses, many of whom flew in from Labrador. We will retire the fundraising campaign, as we expect the amount raised will be sufficient.

We will contact, who helped promote the petition, for advice on the next step. It is Delilah's wish that the support garnered for the petition goes towards pushing for a policy change that will end discrimination on liver transplants for patients with a Substance Use Disorder. While Delilah is recovering, many are in danger of having a necessary life-saving transplant denied to them. This situation is intolerable, and it must change.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Delilah, her family, and this campaign.

Thank you all for your donations!

By the time we got up this morning, we had already met our initial fundraising objective to help pay for a lawyer to help Delilah! We have done so in a matter of hours, and this is all thanks to your unyielding support. Even though we have met our objective, any extra money after covering legal expenses will help Delilah's parents and siblings with their expenses, as they had to fly in from Labrador to come support Delilah and must cover their own lodgings in Ontario. They will be thankful for any extra donations.

Campaign developments

December 18, 2017

People have donated over $9,000 to help cover the legal and travel expenses of Delilah's family, and the petition is now at over 13,000 signatures. Your support has been astonishing throughout all of this!

December 17, 2017


The petition broke 10,000 signatures this morning! This is a huge milestone, and it shows how many people were touched by Delilah's harrowing situation and wish to see changes to the discriminatory and punitive policy that bars people with a Substance Use Disorder from receiving a life-saving liver transplant. If you have not signed it already, please do so!

Also, 199 people have donated for the fund to cover the legal and travel expenses of Delilah's family. Who will be donor number 200?

Finally, we have put online heartwarming photos of signs from the Happy Valley-Goose Bay vigil, Delilah's hometown, such as this one.

Goose Bay Vigil 01.jpg

December 16, 2017

10:50am reached out to us and offered to promote the petition to their wider network. As a result, we can now announce that the petition has obtained over 8,000 signatures! Let's all keep this up!


The Current featured an extended segment on Delilah and her situation yesterday morning on CBC Radio. This debate is now part of the national conversation! We have also now received over $8,000 dollars in donations to support the legal efforts and the travel expenses of Delilah's family. Thank so much to everyone who donated!

December 15, 2017


Amnesty International has written an open letter demanding Ontario deems Delilah eligible for a liver transplant and calling its current policy 'discriminatory under international human rights standards'. The Ottawa Citizen as also called for an end to this discrimination in an editorial. We would like to thank them for their support of Delilah.

We have also added more news stories covering the latest developments.


Delilah's friends, family, and advocacy team has issued an official press release earlier today. Also, the fundraising campaign has now broken the $7,000 ceiling! Thank you all so much for your support!


Wow! We got up this morning and we had already achieved our objective for Delilah's legal fund! We have now collected over $6,800 in donations to help Delilah and her family. Even though we have met our objective, any extra money after covering legal expenses will help Delilah's parents and siblings with their expenses, as they had to fly in from Labrador to come support Delilah and must cover their own lodgings in Ontario. They will be thankful for any extra donations.

Delilah's family is arriving in Toronto at the moment, and they appreciate everyone's support.

Finally, our petition now has more than 6,000 signatures. Keep the pressure up! We have to insist until it is confirmed that the policy will be waived and that Delilah will be considered fairly for a liver transplant.

December 14, 2017


Delilah is being moved to a Toronto hospital to be assessed by a liver specialist. There is absolutely no commitment on waiving the 6-month sobriety policy, nor on granting her eligibility to a liver transplant; they even said she could be sent right back to the Ottawa Hospital. Now more than ever is time to maintain the pressure as she is in a city where the services she needs are available.

Miriam Saunders, Delilah's mother, was interviewed today by As It Happens on CBC Radio; if you listen to one interview today, listen to this one. Delilah's story was featured in many other national news outlet, including CBC's The National, and these reports are listed in our News Coverage section.

Finally, the petition has over 4,700 signatures... and the GoFundMe page as accumulated over $4,200 in donations in a mere 5 hours! Thank you so much for your generosity and support. We are only $800 short of our objective; please donate if you can afford to do so.


The good folks of Ottawa are organizing a vigil for Delilah tomorrow evening! Also, in the first hour of our fundraising campaign, we have already raised over $600 to pay Delilah's lawyer. Thank you all for your incredible support!


The GoFundMe page to donate for a lawyer to save Delilah is online! Swift action before the courts is one of the few things that can save her. Our objective is to raise $5000 and it is urgent. Delilah's recovery is impossible without a transplant, and her survival is at stake. Please make a donation if you care about Delilah and can afford it.


We now have 3,500 signatures for the petition! Thank you so much for your support of Delilah!


There are two upcoming vigils for Delilah in Halifax and St. John's. Here is an opportunity to express your support in person!


The petition has just reached 3,000 signatures in less than 24 hours! Head over, and sign it if you haven't done so already.


We have up-to-date information for volunteers for a live liver transplant (fun fact: livers grow back!). The two Ontario agencies you can contact to volunteer and their contact information are listed in the Take Action section.